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Discovered a handy new series

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Clarky Cat

Discovered a handy new series

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Just finished watching a series called Narutaru. 'tis dark, insane, twisted, yet quite fun all at the same time. 13 episodes long, and slightly disturbing in the latter episodes. Slightly random plot, juxtapositioned episodes and an odd conclusion, but some very nice character developement and suchlike.
If anybody else desires to borrow a series at some point, it's no trouble for me to burn a few episodes for that purpose, either.
List of series around that could probably be obtained with relative simplicity, for those whom happen to be bored.
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Romance, modern setting, 13 episodes. Serious, very bittersweet.
Scrapped Princess - Adventure / fantasy sci-fi stuffs, drama, 24 episodes. Light-hearted generally, with more serious sections.
Full Metal Alchemist - Fantasy, long-running series, 19 episodes obtained thus far. Nice and laid back, with silly amounts of short jokes.
Kanon - Romance, drama, mild fantasy. Flash-backness, lack of a central thread of romance make it more interesting than most, and cause a little thought. Very sentimental, 12 eps long.
Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 episodes + 2 films. Psycho sci-fi stuff. Big robots, angels, and a cool sound-track. Plus a penguin which pops up every now and then. The last few episodes are head-feck central, because they're confusing as hell. End of Evangelion is an incredibly good film, if not impossible to follow.
Cowboy Bebop - Sci-fi stuff. 24 episodes, stunningly good soundtrack, and memorable characters. A film as well, which is extremely good stuff, although I can't find it anywhere...
Tsukihime - Vampiricish stuff. Underlying romance plot, interwoven with a standard fantasy plotline in a modern context. 14 episodes, extremely good series.
Full Metal Panic - Fumoffu! Suprememe randomness. 14 episodes, highly amusing, with a subtly developing romance which never quite comes to fruition.

So, yeah. Just thought it might be nice to post in the community and remind people that it exists. If anyone wants any of the above series, leave a comment or poke me in some way, and I shall see what I can do. Providing blank CDs would be appreciated, too. Rawr.
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